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Okay, I know this will be hard for some of you but I just read about it in two article which will be shared on Tuesday. Also the assignment will be shared.  I am taking this from www.pickthebrain.com/blog/how-to-write-faster-better-and-easier

1. Dream Time. This is where you prime the pump, your thinking time. I recommend having set times each day where you allow yourself to brainstorm away from inputs such as TV, computer, print materials, and people. Some ideas of where and how: being where you can look at nature, while exercising, or sitting in a darkened room. You can also use those unplanned times during the day where you find yourself waiting. If any of these times allow you to close your eyes, that can be very helpful. During these times, do some purely brain based free thinking and if you come up with some ideas, do some pre-planning in your head.

That’s right I want you to think about your writing, let your mind wander to your stories.  Walk through your stories, and if you want after you do this for at least ten minutes you can but don’t have to write what you seen.  This is only to help think about your story, this should help you write, so write your story.

See you at the next meeting


Alright I am in an online writers group and we will be participating on our own scale.  The first assignment is, I want to know five things about your story, what defines your story. 

PS I will be the only one reading these, not even Jaci