Usually my characters write the story for me the name is very important for me.  Other times they are very hard to come up with.  Then there are times when I have a very small role and can’t think of a name.  Well, this morning I have a solution for you all, and that solution.  So here are some ideas that I use, when I don’t want to look behind the name or a site called   The reason I use the police phonetic alphabet and not military is because of the names they have.  For example for A- Adam and military is Alpha.

Police Phonetic Alphabet:


Adam    Letter A

Boy        Letter B

Charles Letter C

David     Letter D

Edward Letter E

Frank     Letter F

George Letter G

Henry    Letter H

Ida          Letter I

John      Letter J

King       Letter K

Lincoln  Letter L

Mary     Letter M

Nora      Letter N

Ocean   Letter O

Paul       Letter P

Queen  Letter Q

Robert  Letter R

Sam       Letter S

Tom       Letter T

Union    Letter U

Victor    Letter V

William Letter W

X-ray     Letter X

Yellow   Letter Y

Zebra    Letter Z