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Monthly Archives: February 2014

Usually my characters write the story for me the name is very important for me.  Other times they are very hard to come up with.  Then there are times when I have a very small role and can’t think of a name.  Well, this morning I have a solution for you all, and that solution.  So here are some ideas that I use, when I don’t want to look behind the name or a site called seventhsanctum.com.   The reason I use the police phonetic alphabet and not military is because of the names they have.  For example for A- Adam and military is Alpha.

Police Phonetic Alphabet:


Adam    Letter A

Boy        Letter B

Charles Letter C

David     Letter D

Edward Letter E

Frank     Letter F

George Letter G

Henry    Letter H

Ida          Letter I

John      Letter J

King       Letter K

Lincoln  Letter L

Mary     Letter M

Nora      Letter N

Ocean   Letter O

Paul       Letter P

Queen  Letter Q

Robert  Letter R

Sam       Letter S

Tom       Letter T

Union    Letter U

Victor    Letter V

William Letter W

X-ray     Letter X

Yellow   Letter Y

Zebra    Letter Z