I got this advise from my new parnter and editor, Steven Yerges.

 You see the picture in your mind, then paint it with words as you see it. What you have to do is build it up from the back up for others to see it better though.

For example: you write “the letters bla bla bla on the faded glass window.

My editing: on the faded glass window the letters bla bla bla. :::

Its easier for readers to have the canvas before the foreground to paint their image like you would if you were actually painting. It’s fine to just go through write what you see, but for your own editing … you should go back and repaint your pictures from canvas to foreground.
Keep in mind, when you read my editing, that I’m still trying to use your painting, just help it become ordered and worded in a way everyone can paint it more easily in their mind. It is still your painting, your style.

I hate to say this about my brother, but damn that is like right on.  Notice though that you still write as fast as you can, but when you go through you first draft follow his advise.  Repaint it, bring the readers in by doing this.  Get the canvas, the backgrounds then the larger images, then get detailed.   I think this is what he meant, but I could be wrong.

We can discuss this at the meeting, but what do you think by this?